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Epic Skincare Announce Launch of Luxury Multi-Ethnic Skincare Line Developed to Help All Women Look and Feel Amazing

 Epic Luxury Skincare firmly believes that every woman has the right to be beautiful and feel her best. Taking this as the motivating spirit of their brand, the company recently announced the launch of their new Epic Luxury Skincare Line – designed and developed for women of all ethnic backgrounds using only premium ingredients and set at affordable price points.

 July, 2016

 At heart women share much more in common – across cultures and ethnic groups, than what keeps them apart. Especially when it comes to being beautiful, healthy and happy. The new brand Epic Skincare understands this well, and this understanding is well represented in everything they do. Recently, the brand announced the launch of the new Epic Skincare line, a multi-ethnic women's beauty line of products all designed to have women of all backgrounds turn heads and make hearts beat faster. Customers have responded with amazing enthusiasm.

 “There is a universal truth in beauty,” commented by Shena M., owner of Epic Skincare. “No matter your shade, shape, or location all women want to feel epically beautiful. Epic Skincare fulfills that universal need- mind, body, and soul. This luxury skincare brand offers premium skin, body and hair treatments infused with natural and advanced ingredients that complement a healthy diet and active lifestyle. We're looking forward to seeing the response from our customers as more get to try our line, and see the very quick positive results we deliver.”

 According to the brand, the Epic Skincare line has been especially formulated to not only be effective, but also gentle on the skin, quite unlike many other brands which have harsh, chemical ingredients.   Early feedback for the new line has been very positive.

 Michelle S., from Boston, recently said, “I really can't say enough good things about the Epic Skincare products I've had a chance to use. Really helps me look amazing and my skin feels awesome afterward. I'm done with the other brands. Five stars all the way.”


For more information click here to shop the Epic Luxury Skincare range online.

 Contact Info:

Founder: Shena Manning, Ed.S. HRM,

CEO/Beauty Educator, Coach & Makeup Artist

Epic Luxury Skincare (tm)

Peachtree City, Georgia.

Tel: 770­609­0357




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